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Sustainable Change Starts with Strategy

Addressing systems, not just symptoms to build inclusive cultures

Meet Chloe

Certified Diversity Executive and SPHR 

A chemist turned diversity and inclusion strategist, Chloe Poston is changing the narrative around diversity, equity, and inclusion work in multiple industries.  Passionate about building sustainable inclusive and diverse working and learning communities, Chloe has experience implementing programs that prepare individuals from historically marginalized groups in the U.S. to thrive in their education and ultimately, careers. 


Chloe is committed to helping organizations create meaningful and sustainable change. If you are ready to do more than start a book club, click “Contact Me” to schedule a consultation today.


What I Specialize In

Equity and Inclusion Roadmaps

Organizational Reviews

Training and Facilitated Workshops


Centering culture as a focus for retention will go a long way toward addressing recruiting challenges. 

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